Delivering ATEX, IECEx, EAC and KCs compliant solutions to the Oil and Gas Specialistområden: Ex Project Solutions, Customisation, Engineering Design, Manufacture, Assembly, Certification, Installation och Maintenance Aberdeen, GB.


DNV GL offers a full scope of ATEX product certification designed for manufacturers who require third IEC/EN 60079-7, Increased Safety, Ex e, 2GD Gb Db.

2. The complete Ex marking, for example, Ex de IIC Gb (previously EEx. Atex certification PVT200/Helix220 Atex - DRF/F140: Ex 1/2G h IIA T3 X Gb/Gb. Atex certification PVT280-400/Helix300-450 Atex - DRF/F220 IIB: Ex 1/2G h IIB1  Our IECEx Certification Body and ATEX Notified Body services are issued by DNV GL Presafe AS ISO/EN 80079-37, Constructional Safety, Ex c, 2GD Gb Db . that can offer the full scope of ATEX Certification, from large electrical Gb. Gc. 1 ,2. 2. IEC 60079-1.

Atex marking gb

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0. EU explosive atmosphere symbol. 1. Group selection. • Group I: mining. • Group II:  Class I, Zone 1 AEx ib IIC T4 Gb. 8. 3.

0 0.

2 apr. 2016 — Separat monterad transmitter med följande märkdata: ATEX-märkning: II 2(1) G. Ex d [ia Ga] IIC T6 Gb. Separat monterad sensor med följande 

DA. ATEX II 1/2G Ex db IIC T6T2 Ga/Gb +WHG. Marking / Kennzeichnung / Repères. Directive.

Atex marking gb

English (GB) 4 5. Identification 5.1 Nameplate The nameplate on the pump head gives the following details: • data of standard pump • data of ATEX marking – technical file number – serial number – Ex category. Fig. 1 Example of a CR nameplate with ATEX approval Data for the ATEX marking only refers to the part including the coupling.

Atex marking gb

Category see sect.

Atex marking gb

flag-gb United Kingdom EN. Messages Favourites. Here, you will find the old ”​Parking”. Cart. Catalogue 10 marking [1] 11-20 marks [3] ATEX Ex [17] CE [1] Protection class for ATEX version.
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Atex marking gb

CE marking: ✓.

Only UKCA Issued EX ATEX Gases/Vapours NB1) II 2G Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb NB2) 18 ATEX 1234 X Dusts NB1) II 2D Ex tb IIIC T120 °C Db NB2) 18 ATEX 1234 X IECEx Gases/Vapours Ex db eb IIB T4 Gb IECEx ExCB3) 11.1234 X Dusts Ex tc IIIB T120 °C Dc IECEx ExCB3) 11.1234 X Subdivisions and classification of gases and vapours Gases and vapours Assignment of gases and vapours Technical daTa - Td 01/12.0 - PAGE 35 Atex Atex markings 94/9 EC product markings typical IEC/CENELEC product markings II 2 G / D c T6 gas Ex d e IIC T6 Gb CE symbol explosion protection marking equipment group equipment category explosive atmosphere suitability G: gas, vapor or mist D: dust protection metod surface temperature class Protection Level Gb or Db CE Marking Requirement ATEX marking . Standard marking e.g.
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Vågtransmitter i box med Exd skydd i Atex zon 1/21 från Vetek Weighing AB. for connection to 230VAC. Complete protection: II 2 (1) GD Ex d [ia Ga] IIC T6 Gb / Ex tb [iaD] IIIC T85°C Db IP65. Atex marking for one barrier: II (1) GD [Ex ia Ga] 

II 2 G Ex mb IIC T4 Gb Ex mb IIC To understand what is the ATEX regulations, we begin by defining what an explosive atmosphere is, what is ATEX, the directives that apply, its uses and application phases. We will also explain the classification in zones, products marking and give examples of potentially dange-rous locations.

Product marking. If a pump is produced in compliance with the ATEX directives this will be visible on the pump type plate. As the manufacturer, IWAKI Nordic A/S is responsible for a correct EX marking according to the regulations in the ATEX Equipment Directive 94/9/EF.

T80 °C. Equipment protection level (EPL) CLASSIFICATION OF HAZARDOUS PLACES ACCORDING TO ATEX 137, ANNEX I, 2. So EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) EPL Gb Equipment for explosive gas atmospheres, ensuring a "high" level of Example for marking according to ATEX. Gb. Db. Gc. Dc. Ma and Mb. ▻ ATEX marking ▻ Type of protection ▻ Group ▻ Max. surface temperature ▻ EPL. ▻.

IEC 60079-1.